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Minnesota’s Education Initiative

There’s something new going on in some school districts. In Minnesota, for example, the newest development is an “alternative system for evaluating and paying teachers”, known as the “Q Comp program”, and has now been joined by an additional seven school districts and another 23 charter schools in the state. This brings the total participation to 51 school districts and 54 charter schools, including a few in the larger metro areas. This “education initiative” was enacted by Gov. Tim Pawlenty and is seeing fruition in his last month of office.

The tech revolution continues to sweep the nation in tons of classrooms everywhere. The Minnesota Department of Education has taken a front-row seat in integrating tech in the classroom. The Department is using the popular application, iTunes, in collaboration with its parent company, to upload “state approved lessons for teachers and preschool through high school students,” said Pawlenty.

Those that participate are given an additional $ 260 per student from the state and “additional levy authority.” Combined, that means the participating districts are receiving 4 million dollars. Those in the Q Comp program follow the prescribed system of development and evaluation for teachers with the caveat that teachers evaluate each other’s performance. Another stipulation is that a teacher’s pay will be linked to their student’s test scores.

These changes hearkened to President Barack Obama’s grant program named “Race to the Top”, however Minnesota did not receive any money from the grant at that time.

Teachers are apprehensive about their pay being based on student performance, said Julia Blaha, the chapter president of the teachers union in Anoka-Hennepin. However, they do like the idea of getting feedback from their professional peers. Peer evaluation is a three times a year assessment of their teaching performance, with at least one assessment coming from a teacher who taught the same subject.

With an increasingly tech-savvy generation on their hands, school officials and law makers decided to join by adding teaching lessons andlearning online. It will act as a go between source for both teachers and students; for teachers, a resource for lessons, and for students, a type of digital library. All uploads by teachers or students will go through a screening process to see if they meet the state standard for education and are appropriate for each audience section.

So far, nearly 700 files have been uploaded and can be accessed at any time. They can range anywhere from “algebra lessons to a behind-the-scenes look at the Minnesota Zoo.” Those in the department expect to see a rise in the amount of data collected as more participate in the Q comp program.

Sarah writes about Online Education for University-bound.com – a resource site for those interested in earning a degree online.

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New Minnesota Twins “Take It Outside” Commercial

The popular Minnesota Twins television ads are back. And, the second installment of the 2009 series is a plug for the Twins new outdoor stadium.

The ad is titled “Take it Outside.” It features Joe Mauer and Joe Nathan. The two start out playing a baseball video game and end up taunting each other into a real game in the middle of the living room. Mauer hits Nathan’s pitch, and the ball knocks trinkets off a mantel and destroys glass shelves.

Mauer’s mom, Teresa, steps in and tells the guys to “take it outside.”

The Twins are indeed taking their game outside. This is the team’s final season in the Metrodome. Next year they’ll play outside at the new open-air Target Field.

The ads, from the Twins and their advertising partner Periscope, have been a big hit. The “This is Twins Territory” has received national attention from ESPN and Sports Illustrated and won several awards, including six Emmys.

Fans can check out new commercials and old favorites at http://www.twinsbaseball.com.
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March 9, 2013 – Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox

March 9, 2013 – Minnesota Twins vs. Boston Red Sox
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Video Evaluation in Minnesota Schools

Minnesota is going to be the first state to bring forth a new way of evaluating teachers. This is going to be through video monitoring. The current way schools evaluate teachers is through written tests and passing their class work.  How was this current method of evaluating teachers even acceptable in the past? This would not be an effective method of evaluating how teachers interact with students.

 The main objective a teacher has is to teach as much information to a student as possible in the years time they have them as a student and for that student to retain the information and be able to use it. For us to think it’s acceptable to evaluate our children’s teachers by a test score and a curriculum plan is ridiculous. How do we know if they are effectively teaching the students based solely on teachers intentions? Teachers are protected by a union, which makes it difficult to get rid of bad teachers. If we had a better way of evaluating their affect on students we might be able to get rid of the teachers that are wasting our kids time in their classrooms.

The union rejected the evaluation of teachers based on the students test scores, saying that didn’t relate to the teachers teaching, but this new way of evaluating directly is related to teaching styles and how effective their teaching methods are. This video evaluation records clips of teacher lesson plans and how they interact with the students, hoe they deliver their lesson plan, how they individualize the lesson plan to each students different learning speeds and abilities and if it is affective. This is a much better way of seeing how effective a teacher is teaching our children.

This is much smarter for schools to evaluate teachers this way because this will help eliminate the “bad seeds” in the faculty for the schools that adopt this evaluation method. The school will be able to see which teachers are going above and beyond to deliver excellent lesson plans, teach their students effectively and challenge the students. The less bad teachers a school has, the higher the ratings will be for that school. Its very important to have great school ratings so that more parents will trust that their kids are learning as much as they can and retaining the information because of the quality of teachers that school has. 

The school will hire “teacher evaluators” to come in and evaluate the teachers one by one to determine if they are good teachers and if they are effectively teaching the students. This will make it less biased when determining their strong and weak points since there is no emotional connection or direct relationship between the teacher and the hired “teacher evaluators.”

This program will launch in 2012 and Massachusetts, Tennessee, Washington and Ohio will be taking on this new evaluation method as well. We will soon begin to see a change across the nations schools as the bad teachers are weeded out and schools ratings go up!

 For more information please visit Minnesota School Rankings and Public School Ratings

Patricia Hawke is a staff writer for Schools K-12, providing free, in-depth reports on all U.S. public and private K-12 schools. For more information please visit Minnesota School Ratings and Public School Rankings

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1991 World Series Minnesota Twins .vs Atlanta Braves(Game4)

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Minnesota And Its Kitchens

Minnesota (MN) is the 32ndUS state. It is known for the numerous recreational activities available for tourists and locals alike. There are a lot of parks to visit and bike trails for cyclists. The state is also tagged as the Land of 10,000 Lakes and this abundance of water spurce contributed to its development as a state. Minneapolis is the largest city in terms of population, and Saint Paul is the capital.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul is what usually comes to mind when someone says Twin Cities. They are called that because their geographical proximity to each other has allowed them to encroach into each others space, identity-wise. In 1872, people started calling these cities Dual Cities to remind themselves that they are two separate cities. They both possess beautiful structures and tourist spots, such as the Grand Avenue, The Minnesota Zephyr, and the Basilica of St. Mary.

Modern styles of houses have smooth walls and flat roofs, while traditional houses such as bungalows have wide, horizontal features. Kitchens are an important feature of a Minnesotans house. There are kitchens built along the lines of particular themes or motif. A clean and relaxing atmosphere is what kitchens in Minnesota are all about.

Among the reasons for kitchen remodeling (MN) projects are the following: maintenance, safety, and increasing the value of ones house in the market. Kitchen remodeling comes with modern kitchen equipment. For example, coffee makers are typical in kitchens today. Blending coffee wont be much of a problem for those Minnesotans that are coffee-drinkers if they have one in their kitchens. Other kitchen appliances and implements include steamers, stoves, cupboards, kitchen tables, refrigerators, dishwashers, bread machines, rice cookers, turbo broilers, ovens, and kitchen sinks.

Although not all kitchens have all the equipment mentioned above, some that have undergone kitchen remodeling (MN) are very likely to have most of these kitchen appliances. Kitchens are very essential to the residents of Minnesota. It is in the kitchen that they prepare food and congregate in along with their families.

Kitchen remodeling (MN) is important for the people of Minnesota. A kitchen that is functional, efficient, safe, and clean is what they want to have.

Learn about our services at www.ownerbuiltmn.com.

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Amazing Houses In Minnesota

Minnesota (MN) is a state where water is abundant. In fact, the state is so rich in bodies of water that it was tagged as the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The reason for this is obvious, plus the existence of the other bodies of water present in the state like the Minnesota River.

The presence of these bodies of waters is a distinct feature of Minnesota. Its architecture plays a big part as well in making Minnesota a place like no other. There are many architectural styles present in the Minnesotan landscape: Victorian, Tudor, Prairie, Spanish, Italianate, Craftsman, Ranch, and so on. There are modern styles or traditional styles; European-inspired or homegrown to America. There are all sorts of construction materials used as well.

In Minnesota, there exist houses that are as old as Minnesota itself. Hence, there is a demand among Minnesotans for renovation services. Of course, as soon as one hears floors squeaking, one would most likely think of remodeling. House styles/designs of construction companies in Minnesota, are worth every penny. Architects, engineers, interior decorators, etc. would have ideas that would amaze anyone and they do a great job.

A house or building remodel (MN) would depend on the needs and wishes of the end-user. Living rooms may contain wooden sofas and cushions, though some dont have them or prefer sofas made from different materials. Concrete foundations are also usual in the houses of Minnesota. Living rooms are commonly the largest part of the house. Some would mix the practicality of the Midwestern Prairie style architecture with the Southern charm of heavy curtains and furniture that look like those in grand ballrooms reminiscent of the Souths plantation economy.

Apart from the interior design of a house remodel (MN), house exteriors are striking as well. One other style of house one might find in Minnesota is the craftsman bungalow style featuring an arts and crafts style interior. On top of the natural beauty of Minnesota, well-made homes help develop a thriving ambience.

Minnesotans maintain their houses pretty well. To remodel (MN) ones house is to give your house an overall makeover.

Learn about our services at www.ownerbuiltmn.com.

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RBI Baseball 14: Chicago Cubs vs Minnesota Twins Full Game This Sucks

Cubs vs Twins in the brand new RBI Baseball 14

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MLB 14 The Show (PS4): Minnesota Twins Fantasy Draft Franchise (vs Yankees) – EP11

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