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Eddie Rosario, Minnesota Twins (AFL Fall Stars Game BP)

Eddie Rosario, Minnesota Twins
AFL Fall Stars Game Batting Practice (Nov. 1, 2014)

Filmed by Mike Rosenbaum
Bleacher Report’s Prospect Pipeline

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Top 10 Twin Cities: Things To Do

The Minneapolis Area (the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul) is an awesome place to travel to and live. Many people new to the Twin Cities many have questions on what there is to do to discover. The following are our top 10 things to do in the Minneapolis Area:

10. Science Museum of Minnesota: The Science Museum of Minnesota is located in the city of St. Paul next to the Mississippi River. It has several permanent exhibits which includes several near complete dinosaur skeletons. There’s also often a temporary or traveling exhibit which before has included King Tut and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Linked with the Museum is the Omni Theatre which is a domed near-360 degree movie theater. With so much to discover it is simple to take a complete day wandering about.
9. Como Park Zoo and Conservatory: Como Park is a absolutely free zoo located in St. Paul. The park has been in existence for much more than 100 years and the zoo has a small city feel to it. It’s more or less totally outside and contains exhibits for gorillas, polar bears, lions, and tigers (just to mention a few). Connected to the zoo is the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory which contains thousand of plants, trees, flowers, and manicured lawns.
8. Minnehaha Park and Falls: Overlooking the Mississippi River, Minnehaha Park is one of the City of Minneapolis’ oldest parks. It attracts well over 850,000 visitors yearly and boasts over 153 acres and the 53-foot high Minnehaha Falls. The park includes miles of jogging and biking trails, along with picnic areas, playgrounds, a wading pool (for those hot days), a dog park, bicycle rentals, and a band shell.
7. Minneapolis Aquatennial: The Minneapolis Aquatennial is a 10 day event held the third week in July. Marketed as the \”Best Days of Summer\” it’s a true city-wide event. Included are an annual block party with food and drink, a sandcastle event, the milk carton boat races, concerts, and a parade and fireworks every night. The festival has been going on for more than 70 years.
6. Minnesota State Fair: The Minnesota State Fair is another yearly even that occurs just just before Labor Day. The Fair is huge and one of the biggest and well-attended in the nation. It includes all the typical fair attractions including animals, rides, concerts, and naturally, the food!
5. Walker Art Center and Sculpture Garden: The Walker Art Center is a contemporary art museum situated in Minneapolis. It contains many galleries, exhibits, music, and a theatre. Next to the gallery is the outdoor sculpture garden which is an excellent place to check out and wander. Come see why Newsweek hailed the Walker as \”possibly the best contemporary art museum in the country.\”
4. St. Paul Winter Carnival: The St. Paul Winter Carnival is an yearly occasion that typically occurs in late January. It’s among the oldest events in the nation and contains a wide range of outdoor events (such as ice carving, parades, skiing). It’s a huge event and tons of people participate in. Every few years they additionally construct an outdoor ice castle which has to been seen to believed. Winter is long and cold, why not accept it?
3. Mall of America: Situated on the site of the old Met Stadium, the Mall of America is one of the largest indoor shopping centres in the world. It includes over 520 stores and has a full-sized amusement park in it’s interior (Nickelodeon Universe). The mall also features numerous restaurants and places to eat, and even has an aquarium. The mall boasts over 40 Million visitors yearly.
2. See a Twins Game: The Minnesota Twins are the Major League Baseball team that calls the Twin Cities home. In 2010 they moved in to their current outdoor stadium named Target Field. The stadium is in Minneapolis and has excellent views of downtown. ESPN Magazine called Target Field the best stadium in North America (for all sports). The concourses are wide, there’s a fantastic variety of food, and there’s not a bad seat in the house.
1. Lakes: Minneapolis is called the \”City of Lakes\” with good reason as several are in the actual city limits (the most popular are Calhoun and Harriet). Expand out to the seven-county Twin Cities Metro Area and there are many (many) more, including some that are much bigger which includes lake Minnetonka, and Prior Lake. These lake have loads of outside activities, such as fishing, beaches, water sports, and trails. People here love their lakes!


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Minnesota Twins 2006

Twins Slideshow

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Elk River, Minnesota: From Zebulon Pike to Becoming Minnesota’s Energy City

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Though it’s far from spectacular, the hilly countryside around Elk River defines a natural boundary between prairie and woodlands. This region also served for many years as a border between Ojibwe and Dakota Indian hunting grounds. The hills themselves were scraped up from the bedrock more than ten thousand years ago by the forward edge of advancing glaciers. The presence of so much rock in the soil makes it relatively poor for farming, though it also explains why Elk River has so many gravel pits.

Zebulon Pike and David Faribault

Elk River was given its name by Zebulon Pike, who saw herds of elk during his exploratory journey through the area in the fall of 1805. Forty years later David Faribault built a trading post at the point where the Elk and Mississippi Rivers meet. Like many early fur-traders, David was a “mixed blood”, the son of an Indian mother and Jean Baptiste Faribault, one of Minnesota’s earliest fur traders.

The Marriage of Faribault

David Faribault later married Nancy McClure, the daughter of the Dakota chief Winona. Chief Winona was sent to Florida by the government when Nancy was only a few months old, and she was raised in mission schools, where she was educated in the manner of Europeans. The two were wed at Ft. Snelling in 1851, and this favorable match between members of two frontier aristocracies was a gala affair, attended not only by Alexander Ramsey, then the territorial governor, but also by the head chiefs and the principal men of the great Sioux nation, and officials from Washington who had come to negotiate a treaty to open large tracts of land south of Fort Snelling to white settlement.

Pierre Bottineau

By this time Faribault had sold his trading post in Elk River to Pierre Bottineau. Bottineau was also part white and part Native American. He had arrived in St Paul in 1841, served as an interpreter and guide for general Sibley, and purchased tracts of land in both St. Paul and St. Anthony Falls, before establishing a settlement further west known as Bottineau’s Prairie—now Maple Plain, a suburb in the west metro area of the Twin Cities.

By many accounts, Bottineau was one of the most extraordinary men of his time. He spoke a number of Indian languages, and had guided trips throughout many parts of the region extending from the Mississippi to the Missouri Rivers and beyond. One man who knew him well later described Bottineau as follows:

“He is a large man physically as I remember him, with a prominent face and head, straight black hair and piercing eyes, and a swarthy complexion. An odd contrast to this appearance is his exceeding pleasant smile which nearly always radiates his face. He has the characteristics of the bear and the gentleness of the woman…. He is a noble link of the past, as he combines the French, the Indian and the American, in all his elementary peculiarities. One of the best things which can be said of Bottineau is, he was always true to his trusts, and that of itself is a noble monument to any man.”

Bottineau spent his later years in the western part of Minnesota known as the Red River Valley, an area that drains to the north, though it was linked to the Mississippi through the famous Pembina Ox-cart Trail. That trail also passed through Elk River, adding to its importance as a commercial hub during its early history.

Changing With the Times

Following a pattern that was to repeat itself again and again throughout the region, fur-trading gave way in time to lumbering, which in turn was replaced by agriculture as the base of Elk River’s economy. Though it will never become “just another suburb,” the city has long since been absorbed in the spreading sphere of the metropolitan Twin Cities area.

Elk River: The Energy City

In recent times Elk River has developed an enviable reputation as a result of its forward-looking use of energy. It became the location of America’s first rural nuclear power plant in 1960. That pilot project was discontinued after a few successful years of operation, but during the 1980′s the plant was redesigned to generate electricity by burning garbage and refuse. Elk River was designated as Minnesota’s Energy City as a result of these groundbreaking initiatives. 

Open Road Adventures

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Minnesota Twins – 2015 MLB Network Radio Spring Training Tour

Steve Phillips and Todd Hollandsworth wrap up their visit to Minnesota Twins camp on the 2015 MLB Network Radio Spring Training Tour (3-15-15)

Go to http://www.siriusxm.com/springtraining for highlights from the tour!

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Contact A Minnesota Dwi Lawyer At Your Earliest Convenience If Charged With A Dwi In Minnesota

At a very basic level, what a DWI charge means is you have been taken to jail and accused of driving whilst intoxicated. At this point, it is only an accusation and nothing more as the prosecution will have to prove the case. What you need to do as early as you can is hire a Minnesota DWI Lawyer Minnesota so you can protect yourself from being wrongly convicted of a DWI offence. By securing your Minnesota DWI Lawyer, you are immediately protecting your rights, and getting your defense off to the best possible start.

The very first thing your Minnesota DWI Lawyer is likely to do is arrange to interview you as soon as possible. They will take all of the details about the events leading up to your stop and subsequent arrest. By getting this information as soon after the event as possible, your Minnesota DWI Lawyer will have an idea if the field sobriety tests were conducted in a fair location. They may examine the detail of your breath test if you took one, as there is a huge question mark over the reliability of some of the breath test equipment in use.

Many of the field sobriety tests have been called into question, not just the breath test equipment. The eye test or to give it its correct alarmingly sounding name the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test. A good Minnesota DWI Lawyer will be well aware that this type of test has been heavily criticized. Nystagmus is a medical concept but officers who are not medically trained are being asked to conduct such a test. Your Minnesota DWI Lawyer will know what the latest state of play is with any sobriety testing done in the field.

You will possibly have been asked to do the walk and turn task, again this test is questionable in the results it gives. The walk and turn tests loses validity when it’s been performed in certain weather conditions. Again, a specialist and experienced Minnesota DWI Lawyer will examine your field sobriety tests in detail to ensure all procedure was followed to the letter. One single procedural error could lead to your Minnesota DWI Lawyer getting the case against you dismissed.

One thing to bear in mind if you have been charged with a DWI offence is it’s not the end of the world. It may seem like the end of the world but there is much a good Minnesota DWI Lawyer can do when mounting your defense. Don’t forget the onus is on the prosecution to prove that you were driving whilst intoxicated. You are still innocent until proven otherwise. There is no substitute for a knowledgeable and experienced Minnesota DWI Lawyer, so choose the best you can possibly afford. Any costs involved in your defense will be worth it if you get a favorable outcome on your DWI case.

Brown Law Offices is a Minnesota Criminal Defense Law Firm of experienced lawyers and attorneys. Our Minnesota DWI Lawyer represents clients throughout Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Call or contact us for advice and guidance in cases of Arson, Assault, Burglary, and any other Criminal case – -

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Get Your Minnesota Criminal Records, All

And if to facilitate person is a woman, she can be sexy, beautiful and intellectual. I tell you, can not secrete such qualities as he can be a crime in Minnesota. To you it is pronto undeniably a Minnesota criminal records search.

Before we commence, I hanker after to say something approaching the supervise. According to my do research criminal records is a authenticate which the convicted person. Very often these or ID used by employment agencies and was able to determine their credibility.

But as usual residents of the United States, you’ll mull it over all free longest under the Freedom of Information Act 1966, or as the FOIA. Those who fix not need access to these ID to Web Sites to visit the former Minnesota criminal records.

All criminal CriMNet Minnesota criminal justice in turn approach in support of the total state accused. You can furthermore criminal spokesperson website. Visit the region seek criminal penalties in Minnesota, operational in support of adult offenders in the 10 000 lakes. You can fee $ 4 fee in support of do research in Minnesota.

If you hanker after to extend to the without charge services on the Internet, you can try Criminal.Com Center or free records. This website is an unfettered locate, and in specific the analysis of databases with in turn from the Minnesota criminal records. Just enter your renown and click Search to mull it over the criminal longest in Minnesota.

However, write to facilitate single the correct renown is not forever 100% accurate. And since at hand are populate who really obtain the same renown. The outcome is quite unique Minnesota, so to facilitate the fingerprint check to help you discover a minnesota criminal records.

You obtain to wonder if it payback the World Wide Web, which was paid, but in turn on the locate. Then try scrutiny services. We provide operational criminal in turn, a complete and thorough, very reasonable value.

I strongly counsel the services of such a study in the United States. According to his spokesperson Web locate to facilitate may possibly be individual of persons populate, the basic or future search by giving you a criminal “offense” is a text to be .


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Minnesota Property Maintenance: One Company Delivers

If you live in the Minnesota area, whether in a condominium, cooperative, townhome, common interest community, or some other residential community with an association, you understand something about the importance of adequate property maintenance. Property maintenance covers all aspects of ones living situation, including the physical buildings, the outdoor and surrounding areas, all the finances, and relations between tenants, staff, and board members where appropriate.

One property management company has been cited time and time again for outstanding service, and this is the Gassen Companies at www.gassen.com. Since 1969, Gassen has brought Minnesota property maintenance to a new level of excellence, and provided outstanding results to its clients. Gassen has refined the systems, procedures and resources necessary to keep physical plants, financial conditions and homeowner relations of community associations in excellent form. Gassen serves condominiums, townhomes, common interest communities and cooperatives in greater Minnesota, Minneapolis, and St. Paul.

Customers trust the experience and expertise of the Gassen team to provide them with full-service homeowner association management & maintenance. Statistics demonstrate that Gassen, with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating is serious about service. In 2010, 100% of all after-hours emergency calls were responded to in under 12 minutes. (How many other Minnesota property maintenance companies could cite that statistic?) Additionally, there have been over 3,000 audits and reviews in Gassen properties over the last 5 years, without one negative result.

Gassen understands that each and every association is different and requires a management plan specific to its needs. A very detailed process develops this plan, during which short and long term goals are established and steps put in place for achieving them.

Gassen Companies offer many different service options to their associations, including that of a licensed general contractor. It is fully equipped to handle both small and large projects including concrete, roofing, storm or fire damage repair and insurance restoration projects. Competitive bidding, quality workmanship and start-to-finish availability are on offer.

Finances matter in homeowner maintenance, and your Minnesota property maintenance financial relationship with Gassen begins with a financial review meeting which establishes the systems with the accounting team who will work with you to understand the excellent financial reporting system.

Every member of the Gassen management team must earn continuing education credits as a part of their employment. This is vital to continually expand knowledge of the property management business, and is done via in-house seminars, and earning professional designations. Many industry organizations act as resources for clients and staff.

Finances matter in homeowner maintenance, and your Minnesota property maintenance financial relationship with Gassen begins with a financial review meeting which establishes the systems with the accounting team who will work with you to understand the excellent financial reporting system.

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Minnesota Divorce: Should I Obtain A Divorce?

The title to this article is one that I, as a Minnesota divorce attorney cannot answer for you. Having grown up in a Catholic family, my father stills comments to me (I believe in a facetious manner) about my “chosen profession” as a Minnesota divorce attorney and how divorce is more than frowned upon in such faith. Then of course the conversation inevitably leads to how I must cause acrimony in the relationships of married couples for job security (which is, of course facetious).

The actual decision to get a divorce from a spouse is a decision that should be made prior to contacting me as a Minnesota divorce attorney. Almost all of my clients who contact me regarding a divorce had made the decision to get a divorce months, if not years prior to actually mustering the courage to call a Minnesota divorce attorney. However, I have had a few clients during their initial divorce consultation, “tear up” when they tell me that they want to divorce their spouse. With these few clients, I could tell in their eyes that they were not ready for the divorce, for whatever their reasons may have been – still hoping that he or she could mend the differences with the spouse, going to first try marriage counseling, the minor children will be too adversely impacted, the financial strain will be too great, he or she does not know a life other than the life with that spouse, etc. Many of these are very legitimate reasons for delaying divorce, or to not get a divorce in Minnesota altogether.

The question of whether parents should stay together in an unhappy marriage in Minnesota for the sake of the minor children has been, and continues to be a topic of much debate. If the parents argue daily in the presence of the children and expose the children to a hostile living environment, then more harm may result to the children than good by remaining together. This could be the case on both an immediate level – by subjecting the children to a tumultuous environment, and on a long-term level – by teaching the children negative “life lessons” that will resonate with them as adults. However, if the parents do not argue, but have simply fallen out of love and are living two separate lives under the same roof while both looking out for what is best for the children – then is there harm to the children by staying married. In this situation, the parents must make an independent decision about their own happiness.

Whether someone should or should not get a divorce is a huge, and life changing decision to make. It is a decision that should not be made hastily and should be a decision made by that person alone – without the influence of peers, friends and other family. Friends and family can often times provide good objective insight into the relationship “from the outside looking in.” However, every relationship is different and each person “should” know what is best for that person.

If you have not made the decision to actually get a divorce in Minnesota, but you would like to know what your legal rights would otherwise be in the case of a Minnesota divorce (especially if you believe your spouse is contemplating a divorce), please contact me, a Minnesota divorce attorney, for a free divorce consultation. By calling and speaking with me, you, by no means, have to actually follow through with the divorce; you would simply be learning your legal rights that would potentially result from the divorce proceedings in Minnesota.

Adam J. Blahnik is a Minnesota divorce attorney, Prior Lake lawyer at Blahnik Law Office, PLLC, in downtown Prior Lake, Minnesota (16180 Hastings Ave. Suite 201, Prior Lake, MN). Mr. Blahnik focuses on Minnesota family law – Minnesota divorce, child custody, child support and related matters * 952-479-0449 * adam@blahniklawoffice.com * www.blahniklawoffice.com

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NFL Fanhouse Draft Grade: Minnesota Vikings

Green Bay Packers Jerseys Onlineshop webeditor report:

Minnesota arrived to the draft with possibly the worst offense in the league. Thankfully they invested almost every one of Saturday and Sunday finding playmakers for youthful quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. If Brady Quinn ends up starting to be a expert Bowler the choice to pass on him will seem bad, but coach Brad Childress believes in Jackson’s ability.

The Good: There experienced been issues planning to the draft that this Vikings will be still left with out any decent options at No. 7. But when Adrian Peterson began to slide, Minnesota picked up the draft’s best operating back, a achievable stud, in Adrian Peterson. And contemplating about wide receiver was the deepest location in the draft, Minnesota was capable to wait until the 2nd circular to fill its will require at wideout with Sidney Rice. The Vikings threw numbers at their wideout problem, getting Aundrae Allison and Chandler Williams in later on rounds.

The Bad: Peterson’s collarbone could possibly be considered a continuing problem, but Minnesota appears willing to become affected person with Peterson to territory a operating back again of his talents. With Chester Taylor however roughly to start, Minnesota does not need to remain Peterson to the commencing lineup immediately, so that is not a problem. Third-rounder Brian Robison wasn’t a especially productive participant in college, but he experienced an exceptional combine workout and he must have been a extremely productive specific night clubs participant in college.

The Grade: B+.

Minnesota required to inject some rate and big-play ability into its offense. Peterson, Rice and Allison need to complete that, even once the wide receivers can’t be anticipated to stage in and commence appropriate away. They could have utilised more support at linebacker during this draft, however they opted to produce Allison in the fourth circular when he was the best value within of the board.

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