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How to Conceive Twins – Increase Your Chances of Having Twins

Conceiving multiples is may well be an act of fate but this doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do to improve your chances of having multiples. There are certain factors that influence the conception of twins but none have been proven scientifically. Here are some things you can try to increase your chances of conceiving twins:

• Folic acid supplement: Some studies have linked folic acid to the chances of conceiving twins. According to an Australian study, there is a chance of 40% or greater that you will conceive twins if you have taken folic acid around the time of conception. There have been other studies showing contradictory results which cast doubt on the actual affect of folic acid. Nevertheless, folic acid has been proven to prevent neural tube defects so it is recommended to take folic acid supplements or a multi vitamin with folic acid when trying to conceive.

• Gain weight: according to Obstetrics & Gynecology study published in March 2005 found that overweight women had a higher chance of conceiving twins. It also found that taller women had a better chance of having multiples.

• Dairy products: Scientists led by Dr. Gary Steinman from Medical Center physician, Long Island Jewish found that women who included dairy in their diet were five times more likely to have twins than those who didn’t. Based on the study, vegans were less likely to conceive twins. But this could be a result of having dairy products from cows treated with growth hormone.

• Breastfeeding: If you want to conceive twins and are breastfeeding then you could hold off on weaning your child. According to another study on twins, women who conceived when they were breastfeeding are nine times more likely to have multiples when compared to women who were not breastfeeding.

• Birth control pills: When a woman stops using birth control pills, her body tries to regulate hormone production on its own. Using the pills for more than six months would require her body to adjust hormones after a cycle or two. This leads to extra hormone stimulation causing the too many eggs being released by the ovaries during the first cycle or two. So the first cycle or two right after you quit the pill is an ideal time to try conceiving twins.

• Age and pregnancy: Older women are more likely to give birth to twins. Women aged 45 and above have a chance of 17%, but their fertility rate is lower so it is not the best idea. Older women produce more follicle stimulating hormone or FSH; during ovulation this hormone directs the ovaries to start maturing an egg. The increase in FSH production could cause over stimulate older women and result in more eggs being released; thus, improving the chances of multiples.

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MLB 13 Minnesota Twins at Boston Red Sox Game #36 (FULL GAME)

I know I am falling behind, haven’t been around much to play or upload. Sorry.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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The Tips for Conceiving Twins Naturally – Useful Twins Pregnancy Tips

Some people are very fascinated with the idea of having multiple children at one go. No doubt having multiple children at the same time is kind of a miracle in itself, as it is not very ‘common’ to have multiple children at the same time. Hence, conceiving twins is like a dream come true. Previously having twins was not as common as it is today. It was often limited to people having the twin gene, but now it is not really so, as there are more and more people, who have twins. The tips on how to get pregnant fast will prove to be of help, if you want to have twins.

Tips on How to Get Pregnant with Twins Fast

No doubt, there are advantages and disadvantages of having twins. One of the biggest advantage is that you will get over the nappy period all at one go. However, we cannot forget the amount of work, you will have to put into, when you have to raise two children at the same time. Yet there is a different charm in raising two children at the same time.

Check Family History: If you want to have twins, then it is best to look for a twin partner. Because it is often seen that the chances of conceiving twins increase. If you are not able to find a partner, who is one of the twin siblings, then you may want to look into the family history. If there has been someone, who is a twin the chances of you having twins increase manifold. In case there has been someone on the maternal side, who has had twins, like a sister, mother, grandmother, maternal aunt, then you may have the gene for hyperovulation, which increases the chances of repeating history.

Yams: One of the tips for getting pregnant with twins naturally is to eat as many yams as you want. According to research, it has been proved that consuming yams increase the chances of twins manifold. It may be attributed to the chemicals in the yams, which may lead to women ovulating much more than normal. This increases the chances of a woman conceiving twins.

Few Extra Pounds: If you are slightly overweight and wonder, how to get pregnant with twins, then you will be happy to know, you have better chances of conceiving twins. It is seen, that women who are overweight with a few extra pounds are more likely to have twins. However, it does not mean, that you stuff yourself and become unhealthy, which in turn may decrease the chances of you having twins.

Patience is a Virtue: It is commonly observed that women who are older are more likely to have twins. If you are still in your 20′s, then you may want to wait, till the ‘age’ scale goes beyond 35, as then the chances of conceiving twins are much more. It can be attributed to the biological clock ticking faster for women after the age of 35 till they are about 40. At the same time, it would be important to note that there can be more complications with advanced age.

Folic Acid: If you want to have twins, you will have to start with folic acid intake. When the folate levels are higher, the chances of conceiving twins are higher as well. Along with supplements, you will want to consume a number of natural foods containing folic acid.

Seek Help: If you desperately want to have have twins, then fix up an appointment with a fertility specialist. He will be able to guide you on this matter, taking your age and other details into consideration. You may be prescribed certain drugs, which will prove to be helpful for increasing ovulation. The other option, which is open in front of you is in vitro fertilization. Depending on your condition, your obstetrician and gynecologist will be able to guide you correctly.

These were some of the tips for naturally conceiving twins. However, I would like to remind you that none of the tips on how to get pregnant with twins are full proof. There are some things, which are best left at the mercy of nature. Let me tell you, conceiving a single child is no less a miracle. Hence, do not be disappointed, if you have just one baby. It is more important, that the baby is healthy, rather than having two unhealthy babies.

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MLB 14 The Show (PS4) Minnesota Twins Franchise Fantasy Draft – EP2 (Opening Day)

Nadas takes over commentary for today’s Season Opener


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Twins Can Create Safer Cigarette

Twins may hold the key to developing a healthier cheap cigarette, according to scientists at British American Tobaccos Southampton research lab.

The researchers carried out the study comparing the health of siblings one who smoked and the other who did not to create reduced risk cigarettes.

Tests are already under way on smokers who have switched from commercial brands to a BAT prototype and the firm plans to release the results of the first clinical trials shortly.

Chief scientific officer Chris Proctor declared: The development of safer qualitative tobacco products are the holy grail of tobacco research. But in order to be able to demonstrate reduced risk for one or more smoking-related diseases scientists must have tools to objectively assess prototype products against conventional cigarettes.

By studying monozygotic twin pairs, genetic variability has been excluded as a possible source of variability in this study and these results should assist the interpretation of other population studies using these biomarkers.

A clearer pattern of the effects of lifestyle and environment should also become more apparent.

The firms scientists looked at 24 sets of identical twins, between the ages of 23 and 46, to establish biomarkers showing which biological effects had elevated levels in smokers, which they could then aim to tackle with prototypes.

Ten such markers were established showing smokers exhaling more carbon monoxide had a higher heart rate and others associated with inflammatory conditions and the early stages of vascular disorder.

The tobacco giant employs 60,000 staff globally, including 1,000 in Southampton.

Amanda Sandford, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) research manager, said: I imagine BAT bosses are hoping to get a lot of kudos from this. However we remain skeptical of the benefits of tinkering with the contents of cigarettes.
There is no safe form of tobacco. The only way to avoid the risks is to stop smoking.

Our concern would be that they will market this in such a way that people who may have considered giving up will keep smoking.

They want to keep people buying cigarettes online and smoking for as long as possible, that is what they are about.

Marketing Manager
World Technology
Network 2013 H Street, NY, 10001, USA 559-4812

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Practical Baby Gift Ideas For Twins

Shopping baby gifts for twins can be mind-boggling, but it can also be a lot of fun when you know exactly what to buy for precious little babies. Gifts for twins don’t have to be expensive. When you choose items for them, choose something that they can use in a regular basis. Keep in mind that practical gifts are always appreciated by most moms for their babies, and this should be your basis when you are looking for the best presents for twins.

There are many different practical baby items you can choose from. Whether you are searching gifts for twins, triplets, or even quadruplets, surely you can find a wide variety of cute and practical items that can be used by moms in caring their little angels. If you are looking for a present for a mom-to-be, ask her if she registered the gifts she wants for her twins. If she did, you have to know where she made her registry – if it is at a local department store or online store.

Because the mom-to-be is expecting multiple babies, she might have a number of distinctive needs for the infants. Having multiple babies may not be double the money, but expect that they will definitely a lot expensive than having only one. By giving twin baby gifts to a mom, you can help ease her burden when it comes to the necessary things she will need for her children. Below are some of the best practical baby gift ideas for twins:

1.  Diapers –  try to imagine how many diapers a baby will need every day, then double that! So if you want to provide diapers, it is surely an excellent idea that the mom will definitely appreciate from you.
2.  Burp Cloths – a mom of multiple babies would certainly need a good supply of burp cloths.
3.  Baby Wipes – mom and that will be doing a lot of wiping on those cute bottoms all day.
4.  Baby Bottles – even breastfeed moms need to feed their babies through bottles occasionally. If the mom prefers to bottle-feed her infants for some reasons, this means a lot of extra formula as well.
5.  Double Stroller – this is something that is absolutely necessary for a mom with twin babies.
6.  High Chairs – moms sometimes find it hard to feed their baby, how much more if they have two to feed? So if your budget will allow you, high chairs would definitely appreciated.
7.  Nursing Pillows – these make life easier for breastfeeding moms.

In case she got almost everything she needs for her twin, you may consider some baby keepsakes that they can cherish for years to come, such as a personalized CD of nursery rhymes and baby theme songs with the names of the babies, personalized baby picture frames, or beautiful baby gift baskets. These often don’t cost too much, yet very thoughtful when given to someone who expects one or multiple babies. You can find a wide variety of these keepsakes online, and you can personalize them with whatever you want.

This author has written articles about variety of lifestyle issues and topics including weddings. If you’re looking for twin baby gifts, visit the website Prettybabygifts.com and browse their extensive collection. Find baby gifts more online!

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1979 Minnesota Twins Ad

Post-Carew Twins ad, 1979, with Jerry Koosman, Roy Smalley, Ken Landreaux, Roger Erickson, and others. Excerpt from video posted by TC Media Now http://tcmedianow.com/video/minnesota-twins-tv-promotions-from-1978-and-1979/
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Washington Nationals VS Minnesota Twins MLB 13 The Show EP19

Washington Nationals VS Minnesota Twins MLB 13 The Show EP19

So here we are taking on the Minnesota Twins. Can we beat them?

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MLB 14 The Show- Minnesota Twins Franchise- (Y1G39) Vs. Boston Redsox (Ep.4)

Series Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm41Kc7xREzuszWBhQDy_t-lE71s09Usy


Shcedule: http://gyazo.com/6972b554f0d56d5b9fd2829de0ba1f6d

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Having Twins Now – The Nuchal Scan

Up until 13 weeks and 6 days, a pain free ultrasound test can help dismiss any chances of Down syndrome or other potential chromosomal abnormalities through a test called a Nuchal Translucency Scan. Normally an ultrasound is a precautionary scan used to keep tabs on the growth of the unborn babies and determine placenta health, but this scan, normally done between week 11 and the end of week 13, has a specific photo op in mind.

Locating each fetus and zooming in on their necks, the ultrasound technician will snap a number of pictures and take a few measurements of the fluid at the base of the necks to give to the obstetrician, who will compare the thickness of the nuchal translucency to each other as well as a “normal range” measurement. While this measurement can be affected by a number of different situations, such as fetal position and environmental placement of the head in the womb, a generalized area of between 2.18mm and 2.5mm seems to be the middle of the road for the measurement.

Of course there is the fact that the percentage of discovery for Down syndrome and other chromosomal defects is between 62 and 88 percent, but the test, in tandem with a look for the nasal bone during the ultrasound and a simple finger prick blood spot test are non-invasive examinations and can quell some of the anxiety that parents may have. The negative numbers are considerably higher for mothers over 35 years old, but with any examination, false positives are always possible.

Having twins and being told immediately that your pregnancy is automatically “high risk” is stressful to start, but as more and more of these non-invasive tests are created a lot of that stress can either be minimized or possibly worsened as each test day approaches. What many pregnant mothers never see during these ultrasound scans, because they aren’t considered high risk, leaves one thinking if “less information means less stress”

Preparing for these tests is much like any other medical test: It is best to be prepared for the worst, but reading into results as if they are the utmost truth is unhealthy. Take each result seriously, but do not let it ruin the unquestionable truth that you are pregnant with twins and their condition is in your hands. Many test results that show some sort of negative result now, will more than likely work itself out by the next exam, but any emergency issue will be handled by your OB accordingly.

It is not our job as parents of unborn twins to burden ourselves with every possible illness, abnormality, defect or horn growing out of their shoulders. It is our responsibility to continue to stay educated, calm and consistently doing our absolute best to create a healthy environment for our babies to grow into rowdy twins come birth day.

Joel Frieders is a father of one with twins on the way. He started http://www.havingtwinsnow.com as a way to plot his family’s excitement, fears, ideas, education and progression through pregnancy and life as a father of multiples. As of August 17th, 2009, Joel’s wife, Julie, is 13 weeks along and just now starting to feel better after terrible all day morning sickness has ruined her first trimester. Find out more at his blog: http://www.havingtwinsNOW.com

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